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Using a local network and IP address

  • Hi,
    using Omega2, setup OK, and ssh-ing to it.
    Since I have several devices here on 192.168.0.x, is there a way to find out (or give) the Omega a local address connect to it on my local network instead of that way I don't have to keep changing my WiFi to talk to the other devices.

    Actually I may just answered this, 'ifconfig' tells me apcli0 is I'll send this off and test on my network.
    A suggestion though, you should document this as an alternative way of getting started.

  • You have to first connect to the Omega's wifi and get to it (assuming no serial connection possible) in order to tell the Omega to use your wifi. Unless there is another way to autoconfig the Omega chip for your wifi and password without interacting with it.

  • Brad, yes I have done the WiFi, so I expected the Omega to be on my local (home) network and not to keep having to connect to the Omega hotspot (which the documentation seems to prefer).
    As noted above 'ifconfig' gave me a hint and I can now connect to (the Omega) and other devices on the 192.168.0.x network without changing my laptop's WiFi.

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