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Mobbing button | Down/Up Wote | Intransparency in Forum

  • I'm a bit more as a year within this community and get a lot of good information out of it. I also try to participate and give back in sens of OpenSource.

    But quiet early i could recognize that it is possible to delete own requests and even delete the own account. This seams to be " fatal " in case of everyone can destroy information and make requests quiet unreadable.

    Also a "bad" request can help someone (there are no bad questions, just bad answers šŸ˜‰ ). Or if someone found out something after asking here, in sense of Open-Source he/she could write the answer and give back this way.

    But this is not the main point why I made this request

    This person came back as Guest and could get also his old request back. This is very irritating and made the Forum more unreadable. When I was clicking on his name, for example to see the profile I could not. Why, I don't know ? (Maybe this was a broken link, then in the meantime i know how to look and also remember his name šŸ˜‰ )

    Since two days i have someone on my neck who is following me down-woting almost everything I write here. It can not bee see who it is following nor who is down-woting.

    I'm asking now, why should someone be able to hide behind a such behavior (Anonymous following and knock people off) ?

    Do we really need a mobbing button to make some on shut up?

    I believe there are other options ... as, personal chat and/or resolve indifference on a more educated way. (I do not have time for that is not a sufficient answer, also not for moderators who are busy with launching a new products.)

    I'm asking the @Global-Moderators why is this so?
    In sens of free speech (keeping Netiquettes in mind) and "OpenSource" please configure the forum so that a communication can be "transparent".

    I wish everyone a nice day and happy tinkering/work with the omegas.

  • @Luciano-S. said in Mobbing button | Down/Up Wote | Intransparency in Forum:

    It can not bee seen who it is following nor who is down-woting.

    A small correction ... we have to follow a person before we can see who this person is following!

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