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Maker Channel Seteup Q

  • Onion Omega (Firmware 0.1.4 b330)
    Relay Expansion

    I am able to have the Omega relay expansion turn on/off a LED when:

    • connected to the Omega via serial cable
    • using ssh over WiFi
    • using the Device Explorer at cloud.onion.io

    Love the form factor and am very much enjoying the user experience of having the Omega interface to other devices/expansions.

    My question relates to using the Do button with IFTTT and the Maker Channel.
    Specifically, when configuring the Maker channel portion to make a web request, I am using:

    URL--> https://api.onion.io/v1/devices/<my device id was here>/i2c_exp/relay-exp?key=<my API key was here>

    Method--> POST

    Content Type--> application/json

    Body--> {"command":"set","params":{"channel":"0","state":"on", "address":"000"} }
    (It seems the space between the last two braces is necessary.)

    I am able to click the Do button but am not seeing the Omega relay expansion react.

    The link to https://sdk.onion.io/reference/onion-cloud-APIs/intro.html came tantalizing close to answering my question. Can anybody enlighten the ignorant person (me šŸ˜– ) here?

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