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Web Server / Intranet

  • Please be patient, I'm pretty new to Linux.

    GOAL: Wireless Web Server / Intranet


    1. Ensure I am using the correct repo
    2. Install dnsmasq & nginx
    3. Change wireless radio to act as an Access Point
    4. Configure DHCP to resolve all DNS looks up to 192.168.144.X and enable logging.
    5. Move files to /usr/share/nginx/www/index.html etc
    6. Enable above services on boot


    Right off the gate, I'm not sure if this can be done with my "power dock". Looks like there's two seperate USB ports. Is it possible to plug this into the computer, and use the USB interface to keep WiFi as an access point?

    1 & 2) are these tools appropriate? are they included with LEDE? I have to admit, I'm not too familar with this repo; should I add additional repos in? And is dnsmasq & nginx enough to accomplish my goal?

    3 & 4) I'm assuming /etc/dnsmasq.conf & /etc/network/interfaces needs to be reconfigured. Assuming to resolve all DNS lookups to a single address of and give a range of to for users connecting? what does this configuring look like? How can all connections be logged? And how can the log be interpreted?

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