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Omega2+: Can't connect to WiFI

  • Hello,

    I am trying to connect my Omega2+ to my home WiFi network. I can easily connect to my mobile Hotspot or to my guest network. However my main network does not work. I expect this might have something to do with the nature of my WiFi key. It is a WPA2 network and my key is rather long (32 characters) and contains special characters (a comma and a equal sign).

    My router shows in the log file that the connection attempt was unsuccessful due to a wrong key. So I assum that the key I entered on the Omega is somehow not sent out to the router. I think it could be cut off at the position of the comma.

    When I run "wifisetup list" I can also see that the JSON interprets the comma as the end of a string.

    root@Moemega2:/# wifisetup list
            "results": [
            "ssid": "absolutegiganten",
            "encryption": "WPA2PSK",
            "password": "Zv***Z,

    Does anyone know how I could proceed? I would love to see which key arrives at my router. I guess I'd have to sniff on the packets to see if the Onion is sending out a correct key...


  • Simple answer is change the router password.

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