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Power Consumption & Non-USB power on the expansion dock

  • Hi,

    I've had my Omega2+ for about a month now and have finally started to dive into a real project with it. Getting started with it was pretty easy and overall it's been pretty swell to work with. However, I'm running into a few issues: 1) to the best of my research the expansion dock cannot be powered by anything but the microUSB port. I don't understand why this is this way all other dev boards I've dealt with have a Vin. I do see that the power expansion board can handle it but still it's a JST connector. A Vin pin would be much nicer IMO. 2) The headers on the board are not the standard .1" spacing. This was very frustrating to discover and is not mentioned anywhere. Finding headers and a proto board with 2mm spacing is very difficult, particularly on short notice. 3) As I have had to cut an old microUSB cord and splice it into the power supply I would've liked to know what the peak current is or a max load I should build that power supply circuit for.

    Having said those things my requests would be this: 1) a Vin pin on future expansion boards 2) offer 2mm proto boards and headers in the Onion store 3) note the current draw specs in the documentation


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