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Recieved damaged expansion dock.

  • Hello,

    I recieved my kickstarter order, however, there is an issue with my expansion dock: The power switch arrived broken, in the "Off" position. I am unable to manipulate the damaged switch to turn it on.

    I placed a ticket with your helpdesk as soon as I discovered the damage, ticket #480, 3 days 1 hour ago ( at time of this writing, according to your helpdesk system ) and have yet to recieve any reply.

    This ticket contains a photograph of the damaged dock.

    The mini dock that came with the order works fine, so I know that it is not a flaw with the Omega itself.

    I hope that I can get in touch with you guys. I apologize if filing for help here is not appropriate, but again, i have recieved ZERO reply thru the freshdesk-based helpdesk software.

    Thank you in advance!


  • @Jon-Clark Hi Jon, I apologize for the late response. We are in the process of migrating support to the community site so that others with similar issues can benefit from our discussion as well.

    I'm also really sorry about the broken switch. We have looked into the issue and it seems that the part we used for the switch is very poorly made. Although there's very little we can do with the current version of the docks, we have already found a replacement component to use for the next revision of the docks. In the mean time, the best way seems to be turning the switch using a needle. Would you be able to try that and see if you are able to maneuver the switch to the ON position?

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the quick reply! I understand that moving to a new support platform could be hectic.

    Unfortunately, even though I was able to cause a small piece of plastic to move, it did not seem to have any effect in the behaviour of the expansion dock.

    I did notice that when I plug it into my Linux laptop, that there is no output in dmesg, unlike when I plug in the mini dock, which logs the creation of a ttyUSB0 entry in /dev, so I think this dock might have arrived completely dead sadly.

    It looks like I've hit a roadblock with trying to repair this hardware myself, I suppose I'll have to look at ordering a replacement, sadly.

  • @Jon-Clark Hmm, if the expansion dock does not create a new device under /dev then it probably is defective. We'll replace that for you. Can you just confirm that your shipping address is still the same?

  • Yes, my shipping address is the same. Thank you very much!

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