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Git Push Issues and Fix

  • I was having issues pushing via git from the Omega2+. I wanted to basically run experiments from the command line as I kind of hate messing around with GUI things. I wanted to be able to just write a script and push it right from the terminal, but ran into some issues.

    I was getting this error when attempting to ssh into github, classically you can ssh into github if you have an account, it should tell you that everything is okay if you've saved your SSH key, but not give you a shell.

    # ssh git@github.com
    ssh: Connection to git@github.com:22 exited: No auth methods could be used.

    You should get something like this instead:

    $ ssh git@github.com
    PTY allocation request failed on channel 0
    Hi pjobson! You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access.
    Connection to github.com closed.

    The solution was:

    • Generate my own ssh keys using dropbear.
    • Publish my ssh key to my github account.
    • Created a shell script which specifies the proper ssh key to use.
    • Added some exports to my profile to link it all together.

    I made docs for these steps and published it on my github, hope this helps someone. Following my guide will allow you to git clone with ssh instead of https, this is especially useful if you use two-factor authentication in github.


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