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Pivot-Overlay vs Pivot-Rootfs on SD?

  • OK, so I have my Omega2+'s both set up with /overlay on the SD Card. It has been working great, even have the swap file on the SD card. All the info from "free" and "df" are correct. Everything I am needing the cards to do is working. Samba, webcam, LCD, OLED, GPS, all of it. But there is one issue I ran into last Friday when I wanted to update the firmware to b156. I only did it on one of the, but the one I did the most customization to. I backed up my /etc/ settings, my /root dir, my samba dir (where all my scripts are living) and the /www dir.

    So, with my thinking I had everything backed up, I forced the upgrade from b146 to b156. Once it rebooted, even though it saved settings in my /etc and /root dirs, everything else was wiped. So I go back, reinstall the packages, reset up the swap file and /overlay and everything is back to where it was from before I did the upgrade. Took me a few hours to redo the setups to get the swap file and /overlay and the other stuff back to my square one. But everything is back to normal now.

    My question is this: Can I easily swap from pivot-overlay to using pivot-rootfs so future firmware upgrades will not wipe out my work?

    I used https://wiki.onion.io/Tutorials/Using-USB-Storage-as-Rootfs to set up everything (changing the path of the mount point, of course)

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