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Indiegogo & KickStarter Videos | Comparing aples with pears

  • 4 Desktop computer substitutions (windows10 | 100$ or more) against onion omega (openWRT based | 5$).

    It is really funny or better ridiculous how some people take this videos serious:

  • @Luciano-S. Yea,. And what is funny is I got a Windows 10, 8" tablet (Signature Edition) for $50, which upgraded to Win 10 Anniversary edition with no issues, so I could work with and monitor my Omegas. I did go back and spend $25 for a BT keyboard/mouse combo. Everyone wants a tiny computer, but all these things out there from LattePanda to the ones in that video all require a bunch of dongles and cords to connect and run. The tablet is not the fastest, nor does it have the biggest storage, but it works for interfacing with the Omegas. Hell, I can use my iPad to SSH into the Omegas (also using a BT keyboard for sanity) and it works just fine.

    Some of these single board computers end up needing so many things to get them working, that it just isn't worth it. Especially when they say these are "consumption devices" or set-top boxes. There are far better devices, and if you wanna put a Raspberry pi in a case with an LCD screen, it is probably cheaper overall to get a cheap tablet and swap out the OS.

    I get it, people want to hack their own stuff because they can. As cool as the ideas can be, the market is getting flooded with these tiny computers.

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