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The Omega, Omega2, Omega2+, & 5V

  • I saw other threads that didn't leave me hopeful-- but also contained information that didn't apply.

    I got all excited to play with my new toy and wasn't watching which rail I was connecting-- BOOM 5V to the Omega2+ for maybe ten seconds.

    For everyone:

    How tolerant are the different boards available under 5V-- as very specifically 3.3V is what is specified for the Omega2 boards.

    Personally for me:

    Is my board toasted?
    How long is it going to be to order a replacement these days?
    (I would actually like to order several, but... I don't have to be greedy.)

  • Sorry to hear the mishaps. It's a goner; fortunately, it's just a $9 loss and a cheap tuition.

  • Ordered 2 last night because I wanted more anyways.

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