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Python OnionGpio Library

  • Is there any additional control over the GPIO pins than what is offered in the Omega2 Software Libraries documentation? It feels like the OnionGpio library only offers the control of the gpioctrl command, leaving out the fast-gpio command's pwm and pulse abilities.

    If there's another source of documentation out there, I'd be delighted to know about it. So far all of my learning has been controlling simple IC chips as I dip my toes into the world of micro-controllers for the second time. Last time my experience ended in frustration due to a lack of clear documentation of how to control the micro-controller parts from the coding language given (C in this case).

    I've been happily avoiding that outcome with all of the -help options and the straight forwardness of linux (and google's help), but I've started growing concerned that when I finally move up to controlling more complex things it's going to fall apart.

    Let me know if there's any additional documentation out there you folks are using.

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