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Cloud shows device offline

  • Hi guys.

    Anyone having issues with the cloud, in particular device explorer?

    It keeps telling me that the device is offline despite it being powered up, connected to the network and accessible via blynk.

    Reboot did not fix it either.

    And suggestions?

    Don't know if this means anything to anyone but, I did a

    device-client -v

    which resulted in

    >> Starting device client
    >> Starting listening...
    >> Sending request to 'ds.onion.io/?1`w?1`w?/listen?key=?1`w?1`w'
    >> Write_callback: received '23' bytes, time: 'Fri Mar 10 04:31:33 2017
    >> Write_callback: valid json: '{"error":"auth failed"}'
    error : "auth failed"
    >> Completed GET
    > Connection lost!
      > Restarting connection (restart #1) ...
    >> Sending POST to url: '', post data: '{"error":"Could not find 'command' object!
    >> POST Sent! (url: '')
    Error: Error
    >> Closing RESPONSE THREAD

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