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bluetooth libraries?

  • Hi All,

    Just got my Omega working, and it's pretty impressive.

    I'd like to link up with some bluetooth devices. I have a bluetooth dongle plugged in. Went to the bluetooth audio project here (https://wiki.onion.io/Tutorials/Bluetooth-Streaming-Audio) and tried to follow along, but fell down at the first hurdle.

    The instructions say to install the necessaries by typing:

     opkg install obluez-libs obluez-utils <etc....>

    opkg responds by saying those are both unknown packages.

    Further, nothing in the repo (opkg search hciconfig) seems to provide those.

    So...is there a currently supported way to communicate with bluetooth devices now?



  • It is not obluez, it is just bluez.

    bluez-daemon - 5.38-1 - Bluetooth daemon
    bluez-examples - 5.38-1 - contains many examples apps for bluetooth, requiring python
    bluez-libs - 5.30-1 - Onion-Customized Bluetooth library
    bluez-libs - 5.38-1 - Bluetooth library
    bluez-utils - 5.38-1 - Bluetooth utilities
    bluez-utils - 5.30-1 - Onion-Customized Bluetooth utilities

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