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No led blinking

  • I can't find any post about the situation I am facing, the led lights up after half a second but never blinks. I'm using an arduino dock 2 with an Omega 2+, no SD card, no other connection than micro USB (with the supplied cable, tried on several computers and other cables that work with my phone).

    I can see the wifi signal, I can log on IP as root and pw onioneer but when I select my wifi and WPA code it fails to connect.
    That's about all I can say for now, please let me know if any other information would reveal useful.

    My Mac does not see any USB device so the terminal cannot be used to access command line mode (driver properly installed but as mentioned in the doc there is no USB to serial interface on the arduino dock ! ).
    Last note : everybody talks about the power switch but there is no power switch on the Arduino dock 2 , only a reset button and it has no effect at all...

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