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Getting to my Onion Via Windows 10

  • I have plugged in my device to my port and I am trying to get to it. The directions say to download bonjour but all I get is Bonjour printer wizard which does not do any discovery as far as I can see. Can anyone supply some help for me on this? Is Bonjour the only program Windows can use?


  • @John-Wright
    bonjour is needed if you want to use http://omega-ABCD.local/, instead use when connecting to the omega's wifi access point.

  • running on windows 10 actually picked up the onion wifi without the need of bonjour. I connected to it via the regular wifi, did the web interface as omega-ABCD.local and it went right in and I was able to set up and start downloading packages. Now to get a mini SD card in and program away. Thanks for the help.

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