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Will there be frequent on/off Omega2 switching problem (a car lighter powered project)?

  • Hello,
    My project for Omega2+ will be used in a car. To make the installation easy for everyone I would like to supply it from car lighter socket. Of course, this solution is not perfect (frequent insert/pull the plug by the user, current decays etc.).
    I mean problems with Omega2 switching it off without shutdown / suddenly. I also mean how flash memory will stand it.
    Will this harm the Omega2?

    My second question is about to set Omega2 to state when it uses less power when it has nothing to do? I mean automatically or forced by a script (first to go low when there is nothing to do and then to go high, when the job should be done)?

    For now, I thing to attach an 18650 cell with booster/charger which will work as a "power buffer" to keep current when the lighter socket is off. But I am afraid that it can keep power only for 1-2 hour, so I wonder if there is a possibility to check the power level of the connected power cell and shut down the system when the power is low? Probably a connection will be needed for that booster to send a signal to Omega2? Or maybe there is any other solution?

  • Regarding your second question: low power, hibernation, sleep mode...
    in past forum discussions, there seems to be none.
    However, powering down WiFi will save quite a bit power.

    Title question (disrupt power while Omega 2 is running):
    it depends. If Omega 2 happens to be performing SPI EEPROM R/W operations,
    there is a potential it can go corrupted which may be bad.

    The harder question is: how to build a DC UPS
    there are few inexpensive solutions, but probably should be a new DIY topic. (I've done some.)


  • Thanks for your reply!
    Unfortunately powering down WiFi could not be done in my project, because... I want to use WiFi to send signal to Omega2 informing it to goes asleep šŸ™‚
    Will see for DC UPS projects (or maybe you have some nice to point them?)

  • I have found something interesting on Omega Power Dock
    There is a package to visualize the level of battery charge using board's LEDs. So, if there is a software solution to check the battery - we are one step to make a script to shut down the system when the battery low? Am I right? But how to do it? šŸ™‚

  • re: power dock

    There may be some issues on certain batches...


  • Upss.. I was going to buy it. Anyway, there is only four people wit this issue, maybe this is not a rule... I hope šŸ™‚

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