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Non blocking mp3 player for python

  • Hi onineers , this is my first post here and I am hopeful of gaining some useful insight into my problem.
    First a brief description of my project:
    I am a scale modeller , and I want to use an omega 2 to add real time functions to my models , such as strobe lighting, propeller control and sound. My plan is to design a very small Doc that adds the required hardware support to the omega, LED drivers, PWM motor control , audio + amp , rechargeable battery control etc that will fit inside my models and be controlled via WiFi. I have prototyped all the functions and was making pretty good progress. I am now stick in trying to play mp3 (or wav) in a non blocking way from inside a python script.
    I can play a mp3 file ( engine sounds) via mpg123 from the command line have had no luck finding a python player . I have tried pygame but found it requires python 3.5 and as the OmegaExpansion module only supports 2.7 that didn't go well. Next in line was pyaudio , which needs compiling on the Omega , which raised a load of issues that I am not in the mood to go through right now. Before I bite that bullet has anybody got any suggestions on something that may work out of the box?

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