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Remote opening/closing of fence

  • Hello everyone,
    I am looking for help on my project. Initially i planned learning to code myself trough this project but unfortunately i don't have enough time left. I think i could just pay someone to do the basic programming and help me acheived this. I can pay you through paypal for your work

    I purchased everything needed, just waiting to received my cellular expension.

    The project:
    My father have a fence that was wired to the house to open and close when nedeed. But it stop working. The fence is about 1000ft from the house and i guess the wire had a short somewhere. I would like to be able to use the cellular expension to received request and send open command. I would like to have a button near the fence that would send a message to his phone then he would juat have to reply to open the door. Could someone help me programming this?
    Best regards

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