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Best 24+ hour battery solution

  • Can anyone recommend a 24 hour battery solution? 3 days would be even better. Very large LIPO batteries seem to be expensive. I was considering a power dock and USB power bank (the sort that charges phones). Will the power dock light up the indicator LEDs if I do this, burning power? Is there anything else on the power dock that will consume power?
    I also need 5V for a sensor.

    Any other solutions? I am still trying to decide whether to do this design as my first Omega2 project, or do it with AVR which will take a lot longer, but I could do a really low power AVR solution.


  • Omega is not really a solution if you plan using it with other power source than USB adapter.
    I would recommend going for the AVRs and if you need for example Wi-Fi, you might consider connecting AVR to ESP8266 and so on.

    Properly prepared AVR-ESP stack can be ran on standard batteries for many weeks, even months (of course it strictly depends on your project).

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