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Which to buy??

  • Which dock to buy for Omega 2 the normal one or the Arduino Omega one?? And what's the difference.

  • There are actually more than that.

    Mini dock only allows the O2 to get power, it has no pinouts. It also allows a Serial connection, great for troubleshooting
    Expansion Dock allows for the different expansion boards as well as having access to all of the pinouts. It also allows a Serial connection, great for troubleshooting.
    Power Dock adds the ability to charge a battery and use it for power on top of the normal power via micro-USB. However it takes away the Serial connection ability. It also has the pinouts ready to use.
    Arduino takes the Expansion Dock and adds the ability to connect and use the different boards/expansions for Arduino boards and hats.

    I have the first three, and each has their uses. I like the expansion dock for building the OS and configuring and testing the expansions.

    The power dock I use for a webcam/security cam as it will keep broadcasting even if the power goes out. (My modem and router are also on battery backup).

    The minidock I use to just carry one around with me for tinkering. I have 3 O2's and each has their own dock.

  • Thankyou @Brad-Buskey. I was confused as this my first O2 I and I'm don't know much about it, but now I have the knowledge so I'll go for Arduino dock. Thankyou!

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