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ks says shipped one month ago but still did not get my onion :(

  • Hey,
    when I check my shipping status on http://ks.onion.io it says that my onion omega has been shipped on 2015-11-04. That's one month ago now and I still did not receive anything. Is this normal? How long took the shipping for you guys?

    Is there any further way to track the status of the parcel?

    I'm from Germany.

  • Hi Tim, please open a ticket here: https://onion.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
    and we'll look into this further and continue the conversation there.


  • hi tim,

    i had the same issue. i guess your onion is located at the german customs and you have to pay additional duty or it. i had to pay round about 10ā‚¬.

    So good luck!

  • @Stefan-Zucca Hmm, that's weird. I thought for things that's under 20 Euros or so there would be no duty?

  • @Boken-Lin the problem was, that on the package wasn't a billing or price information. I had to open the package and confirm the value and my transaction.

    I guess the german customs is very fussy šŸ™‚ But anyway, i ordered the kit version ~65$. it's ok, the only problem was, that this issue takes a lot of time and i had to go to the customs office, which is very far away.

  • Quote (Stefan Zucca) = " .. the problem was, that on the package wasn't a billing or price information."

    Oh my good ... I guess I will have the same problem ... with Brazil (limit here seems to be 50$). I ordered on Blackfriday and made a complain within 24Hours because i not got the Discount (I made a mistake with the discount code and wanted assistance to fix it). The Credit card got billed 100% but on the Message of payment was written that it is a offer with 30% off!

    Till today no answer even if i made a Ticket (or two: on ticket is #540).

    I kindly ask this way again (the third time) get in contact with your paying clients!!
    We do give you credit ... so please take our doubts serious to!

  • Hi @Luciano-S., I apologize for the late reply. We will be responding to your ticket very shortly.

  • In the meantime i got the message that i will get the refund of the 30% discount. I will check when i get the monthly invoicing from the credit card. Thanks so far.

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