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USB port current question

  • I've attached a 2.5" USB drive to a omega2 and - where other SMCs can't power them - the omega2 has no problems whatsoever.
    How much current can I draw from the USB port?

  • @ScrumpyJack Assuming you are using the Omega expansion dock's USB-A connector: This connector is powered directly (no electronics in between, see schematics) from the power supply you connect to the USB micro port.

    So it's only that power supply which limits what you can draw from the USB-A connector - of course, within reasonable limits of thin contacts and wires, which I'd say is maybe 1.5-2A max.

    According to specs, a USB device should not draw more than 500mA anyway. So I'd say one of these very common 5V/2A PSUs (like for RaspberryPi3) is sufficient for powering the Omega2 plus any reasonably standards adhering USB device.

  • @luz I'm using the mini dock, but i guess the same applies. This is very cool.

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