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Omega2, yet another dud.

  • Was too beautiful to be true!

    WIFI is not working in standalone client mode (sta) ! Meant to be a ESP8266, ESP32 killer Omega was perfectly positioned as tiny IOT client. It has everything an savvy user can wish. Linux, and everything Linux bring in. Unfortunately the standalone WIFI client does not work. If I would install a dozen in my home for automation purpose I'd get a cacophony of WIFI access points. I have no use for AP. I need stealthy clients to report events in my house. Not AP asking to be hacked !

    Bad marketing and bad thinking.

    One thing to add. Judging from the reaction time to tickets the project is already dead.

    What a pity.

  • Of course Omega2 can run in Station mode, as well as AP. And of course you can switch the AP off. Have you ever gone through the setup procedure of a Omega2?

    AP is on by default so you have a way to connect to the Omega in the first place, and configure the station mode.

  • @luz
    Well, if it is so simple and direct why don't you just add here the procedure to do so ? Should be a couple of lines. There are many requests for such setting and NO answer from Omega team. Just some "bla-bla's" like yours above. No offense, but get me some real answers. Until then OMEGA is still a DUD !

    You don't need an AP to connect to Omega. The serial/USB console connection is for that. You need to power on the system so the USB is the evident solution.

    You are confused about the network setup. Take some classes or read more.

  • @luz said in Omega2, yet another dud.:

    Of course Omega2 can run in Station mode, as well as AP. And of course you can switch the AP off.

    I've already quoted here Can't disable AP
    @Zheng-Han admin said on 7 Feb 2017:

    You can't just disable the AP and keep wifi client. You will have to disable wifi all together...

    Did I miss something?

  • @György-Farkas
    Thanks, Gyorgy for pointing this to me. Somehow I missed this information.

    OMEGA-TEAM: Is there any plan to fix this problem. Please let your user-base know what are your plans. We deserver at least that. Thanks.

  • @György-Farkas @Papy-Muzo sorry guys, I mixed up some information - my fault. You're right, STA only does not work with the Omega2 FW.

    I'm mostly using stock LEDE, with the mt76 OS wifi driver which definitely can do station-only. I thought I had it also working on the Omega FW, but I mixed that up with Omega1 (and LinkitSmart7688)
    Sorry, I should have checked before posting 😞

    But why did it happen? Because the still-not fully open sourced (as promised) Omega2 FW divides the Omega community away from the LEDE community. Those that need their own kernel drivers (like me) can't use the Onion FW. So while I invest a lot of time in the Omega platform, like writing a fancy MT7688 hardware PWM LED chain driver, that effort goes into stock LEDE, and lets me (apparently) forget important details and drawbacks about the Omega FW...

    Back on the technical level: Where does the proprietary Omega2 WiFi driver come from? Not MediaTek? So far I thought it was the same or a close relative of the LinkitSmart7688 WiFi driver, and that one does have a linkit_mode setting on the radio interface which can be set to ap, sta or apsta.

  • @luz
    There's no need to say sorry. We all know well it was a simple 'Oops!' situation.

  • @György-Farkas said in Omega2, yet another dud.:

    There's no need to say sorry. We all know well it was a simple 'Oops!' situation.

    Exactly that's what i was thinking too... sorry have to say those, who make an open-source project halfway closed source and start every year a new kick-starter campaign that they can say sorry ... kkkk

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