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Streaming live video to the internet?

  • Hi,

    My Dad has an analogue camera in a bird box and wants to watch their progress while on vacation.
    I got an Analogue to digital converter which outputs to USB 2.0.
    I should be able to get this setup easily to view on my Omega but what do I need to do to broadcast it so as it can be watched online, with sound if possible. Do I need to setup the Onion as a web server?
    Can't find a similar project, any tutorials you may know of?


  • @john-canning , first of all check if you see the cam with the lsusb command in the terminal (connect/disconnect while doing the command several time) . If you can see it, try to access the Omega over the Webinterface and there you should find the Cam app (at least in omega1 it was so).

    If you see some pictures you have a working driver. If not, you better forget it. Sorry being so direct, but as I'm a while here and tell you from reading here, it will be frustrating to find drivers. It is not like windows in linux. Normally you have driver support over the Kernel or you don't have.

    Try to upgrade the kernel verion is an alternative but not really the simplest task for a beginner.
    Then you better buy a RaspberryPi with a working cam.

  • BTW, this class of USB-video capture dongle simply performs NTSC (or PAL) to
    720x480 4:2:2 decoding, then streams via
    USB 2.0 high-speed (480Mpbs) isochronous transfer mode to the receiving side (a PC.)

    Very often a low end PC cannot handle it.
    Omega2 simply cannot handle this type of load. Period.


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