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can't read signal

  • Hello
    I am writing to ask for some information regarding a purchase I made for the console onion omega2+.
    We are doing a research project and are experimenting with sensors(myoware muscle sensor-SparkFun Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor), but we are having difficulty to get readings from these sensors(every time we connect them we can't find the exact serial number of the sensor). Can the sensors be connected correctly ?
    If this is the case and they can be connected, can I regard these as though they fall under the category one wire device and run the trade code which you have provided?
    Thank you

  • @yiouli-Bogiatzi said in can't read signal:

    myoware muscle sensor

    What sensor serial number, 1-wire device, trade code?
    That board is basically a basic signal acquisition analog front-end module.

    See its datasheet, page 6, EMG envelop signal

    Such signal needs to be A/D converted first for downstream analysis.


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