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No connectivity on ethernet or port or Wi-Fi

  • Hi all,
    Ive designed my own shield for Omega2. I got quite a good experience on Hw design in the past, so I would say we can assume the hw is error free.
    I got 2 Omega2 modules and have the same connectivity problems on both.

    1. Ethernet: My omega2 module gets an IP address assigned when the ISP cable is plugged, no connection to the internet though. Cant ping or oupgrade my device. I have enabled the eth0 interface and updated the firewall. Any further idea?
    2. As many others, I cant either connect to my Wi-Fi. Ive tried every single suggestion on this forum, no success though.

    Fw version: 0.1.9 b159

    Id greatly appreciate the involvement of someone from Onion.

    Thanks for your attention and Regards,

  • Just an update: I can download .bin files by means of wget. That proves there is actually some sort of internet connection, but still ping or oupgrade dont work.

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