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Creating a small Linux Computer to run natively and display text directly on the Arduino Dock with display

  • Hi guys, I recently purchased an onion omega2+ with the arduino expansion dock. I want to use the micro sd card to natively run linux on the omega2+ without dependence on wifi. I want to be able to type and use a mouse with the usb Expansion and power with the micro usb. I don't want this to be a super powerful linux version, only something as simple as the rapberry pi0's native debian or even just install a simple terminal. How should I go about this. I am sure there must be a way to make it possible

  • @Shlok-Joshi
    You have already had a "small Linux Computer" 😉
    You should only connect the [OMEGA_TX, OMEGA_RX, GND] header of the Arduino Dock 2 to any PC with a [3.3V_logic_level_serial-to-USB] converter / cable.
    The Raspberry Pi Zero (family) is another category - I think.

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