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Weather Station

  • After receiving the Omega2+ and seeing many weather monitoring apps here and at other sites, I built a weather station monitoring system using the Omega2+ and parts from ControlEverything.com.

    The Parts Used:
    Onion Omega2+
    Onion Omega Compatible I2C Shield with USB Interface ( you can use the power dock or expansion dock, but you will need to order the Dock to CE Bridge from ControlEverything).
    Humidity and Temperature Sensor ±3% RH ±1.0°C (ControlEverything0
    MEMS Pressure Sensor 260-1260 mbar Absolute Digital Output Barometer (ControlEverything)

    ControlEverything.com provides code for their sensors on GitHub. You can find the code for this project here.

    Verify that you have the latest version of Python installed in your Omega2+ and the following modules:


    Install pip first, then install request so your device can send data to Ubidots. One drawback to installing pip and full version of Python is the amount of space it will use from your onboard storage.

    Setup a free account with Ubidots. Additional hints were provided by the Onion team here.

    Assembling it simply connecting the sensors to the Omega2+ using the I²C cables to the shield which holds and powers the devices.

    Install the code on your Omega2+, and make the necessary updates to it for your device name and token from Ubidots.

    Originally, the code ran in an infinite loop until Cron (crontab) was mastered.

    More details to come and other revisions are likely to be made to this post..

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