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VPN in Omega2+

  • Hello! New Omega2+ user here.

    Me and some folks have bought some amazing Omega2+ boards for some projects. Is a really good and cheap board to get started in hardware and even linux.

    We are trying to run xl2tpd but we are unable to install it. Is not found in the omega2+ repositories, and the version available in the lede repos asks for a linux version 4.4.71 however omega2 runs 4.4.46.

    I've tried the LEDE SDK but it still compiles for 4.4.71.

    I've also read https://community.onion.io/topic/1298/omega2-cross-compiler-and-kernel-sources and https://community.onion.io/topic/1099/openwrt-on-the-omega-2/33

    I'm going to try WereCrafts SDK (which is non official and non supported).

    I'm wondering if someone has had similar troubles building and/or cross-compiling.

    Thank you! Regards

  • Well... after compiling using WereCrafts SDK I got stuck in a similar way, as her SDK is defined/build to use kernel 4.4.50.

    As far as I've read on Wiki and this forum, seems that there isn't an original SDK for the actual omega2 firmware and my only exit right now would be a) adapt SDK for linux version 4.4.46 so I can compile the needed modules or b) erase original firmware and write the one compiled by WereCrafts SDK (which may dissapear any day without warning)

    I'm used to compile kernel sources from scratch so if anyone can lend me a hand on this or has any clue...

    Thank you.

  • Never mind... the package xl2tpd still needs kernel 4.4.71. In facts seems the same package available in the oficial LEDE repos.

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