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Installing PostgreSQL and connecting to DB

  • Hi!
    I have some problem with connecting to my PostgreSql Database.

    $con = pg_connect("
    ") or die("Could not connect" . pg_last_error());

    $stat = pg_connection_status($con);
    if ($stat === PGSQL_CONNECTION_OK) {
    echo 'Connection status ok';
    } else {
    echo 'Connection status bad';

    When i open in browser my index.php - i see this mistake 😞
    0_1497631206776_Знімок екрана 2017-06-16 о 19.39.41.png

    Maybe someone has a solution?

  • It seems your DB is not configured to accept connetions from your Omega's IP.

  • @Patryk-Wychowaniec
    I don't think so, because i can connect to my DB from any computer which has PHP & pgsql driver (or module).
    I think that the problem in pg_hba.conf. Omega has not full postgresql package, so i can't configure some files (for example pg_hba.conf - this file include parameters for connecting to specific host).

    So now I don't have any idea how to fix this issue 😞

  • I also have a similar problem, i was trying to get python' s psycopg2 to work on omega2+ but i cant seem to get pg_config for the omega installed, i also have opened a ticket ~1.5 months ago #7929 but still no reply/news from onion side

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