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Reading from serial communication not stop and the end of receiving (looping)

  • Hi Gents,
    Im using Omega 2 with arduino dock 2 and try to test following steps as per documentation: https://docs.onion.io/omega2-docs/uart1.html
    I trying to aim following result as per above documentation with following steps:
    Now open two separate command line sessions on your Omega. It’s easiest to connect via SSH in two separate terminals from your computer:

    • In one terminal, run cat /dev/ttyS1 to start reading the serial port.
    • In the other, run echo "hello world!" > /dev/ttyS1 to write a message to the serial port.
      As soon as i send this command : echo "hello world!" > /dev/ttyS1 second terminal start to receive and going in loop. How to stop receiving automatically, i know that Crtl+C stop it, but documentation said that it should receive only message but mine going in loop and next value is empty.
      Can anybody can advise me?

  • What do you mean "going in loop"?

    Do you have TX1 and RX1 looped together (You should, according to the page)

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