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Output vs. Output on Arduino Dock 2

  • @Gabriel-Ongpauco @Lazar-Demin @Arduino-Dock-2-users
    Omega2+ 0.1.10-b160 with Arduino Dock 2

    For the ICSP programming interface avrdude.conf defines the necessary GPIO pins

    reset = ~ 19
    sck = 15
    mosi = 16
    miso = 17

    and arduino-dock-lib.sh sets the GPIO's directions

    # set avrdude linuxgpio pins to output

    gpioctl dirout 15 >& /dev/null
    gpioctl dirout 16 >& /dev/null
    gpioctl dirout 17 >& /dev/null
    gpioctl dirout 19 >& /dev/null

    Omega's GPIO_15 --> [bidirectional level shifter] --> SCK of ATmega138P
    Omega's GPIO_16 --> [bidirectional level shifter] --> MOSI of ATmega138P
    Omega's GPIO_17 --> [bidirectional level shifter] <-- MISO of ATmega138P
    Omega's GPIO_19 --> [transistor inverter (OC)] --> /RESET of ATmega138P

    I've modified one of the above lines of /usr/share/arduino-dock/arduino-dock-lib.sh

    gpioctl dirin 17 >& /dev/null

    Omega's GPIO_17 <-- [bidirectional level shifter] <-- MISO of ATmega138P

    Correct me if I am wrong please.

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