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No available space in file system after upgrade and factory reset

  • I am using Omega1 and have installed the latest operating system and done a factory reset (so there are no additional files of mine on the device), but I have no available space in the file system.

    using $ df -h I get
    /dev/root Size: 7.5M Used:7.5M Used: 100% Mounted on: /rom
    /dev/mtdblock3 Size: 7.5M Used:7.3M Used: 100% Mounted on:/overlay

    If i try $ opkg install packagex
    I get the error: only have 0kb available space on filesystem /overlay Cannot install package

    Any ideas how this problem can be fixed?

  • @Lachlan-Peter how did you do the factory reset?

    With the /overlay having almost the same size as /rom, I would guess something in the update/reset process has duplicated most of the firmware into the overlay, for some reason, instead of completely emptying it.

    I would have a look into /overlay, that's where you can see the files which occupy those 7.3M.

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