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Alerter w/sound and LED

  • I bought an Onion a while back with the doc. Unfortunately I have been busy and haven't done anything with it yet. There is sits with my Arduino and Raspberry Pi which suffered the same fate. I have a problem and I think I can build an onion device to solve it. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

    Problem: My mother and father are up in the years and for whatever reason, I can't ever seem to get them to call me back. They never hear their phones and never notice it vibrate no matter what ringer we use. Many times they just let their batteries die and forget to charge them etc. This causes me to worry and drive over to their location just to get this response "Well, my battery was dead" or "I didn't hear it, feel it vibrate or anything" etc..

    Proposed solution: They are always staring at their TV so I thought I could build a simple Onion based device (or Arduino or Pi) that would be connected to their internet connection via WiFi preferably and listen for a text message, email etc.. and then blink an LED and make a sound alerting them to call me back. That's it..

    Any help with the additional hardware I need, where to buy it and how to get started coding/scripting this would be appreciated. If there is already a project out there with this all laid out, a link would be great. Doesn't need to be exact just close to what I want to do. I guess, how to make the LED blink, how to make a sound and how to listen for an email or text etc.


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