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Compatible with LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo?

  • Hi,

    Is the Omega2+ compatible with any other modules that use the MediaTek MT7688AN processor? MediaTek have their own module that seem's to be the same.

    The packages in the onion repository that I need won't install. I can't find enough information (for my level of experience) to upgrade the kernel. The kernel I think I need (4.4.74-1) is listed in the repository when viewed in the browser, but it looks to small.

    Is it possible to install a different firmware? If I install the wrong firmware, does the bootloader remain intact so I can recover?

    I also just found this.. https://downloads.openwrt.org/chaos_calmer/15.05.1/ramips/mt7688/ although I am not sure what to do with it.

    Is the Omega2+ a special build that requires its software to be ported or can I load software from a different repository.

    I am not too fussed if I brick my Omega2+ as it cost roughly the same as a crappy meal from McDonalds (I also have the 'why did I get that' feeling), but would like to know other's experiences.

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