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wireless settings lost by oupgrade

  • I've /etc/config/wireless included in /etc/sysupgrade.conf to preserve wireless settings across system upgrades.
    Nevertheless, after an upgrade /etc/config/wireless is changed.
    Interestingly, it still contains some of the settings, especially...

    • if I turned off the wireless AP before the upgrade, it's still turned off after the upgrade (which is what I want)
    • the key of the wireless network which should be connected is still correctly in /etc/config/wireless after an upgrade

    But: the essid in the wireless settings is set to some default (the omega hostname I believe). As the essid is wrong, the omega won't connect to the wireless network after an upgrade (even though the omega still has the correct password).

    Any ideas what to do to preserve all wireless settings, including the essid of the wireless network to which the omega should connect?

  • @Johannes-Zellner You just need to add the files/directories you don't want oupgrade to touch in /etc/sysupgrade.conf.

  • @Boken-Lin thanks, I did that with /etc/config/wireless, but nevertheless, it get's overwritten.

  • @Johannes-Zellner So there are a bunch of files under /etc/uci-defaults/ that's present on a new firmware image. When the devices starts up for the very first time, it will use these scripts to give name to it's AP based on MAC address, and do some other init setup. Once these scripts has been run once, they get deleted. I think your wifi configuration was written by these files. Perhaps we should build in a check to see if the device is flashed via a clean wipe or an upgrade procedure and determine which of the scripts should be run.

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