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  • Is it possible to connect an Omega2+ to an ssid with a single quote in the name.

    The ssid of my home network is "Didi's Haven" (without the double quotes but with the single quote).

    (Didi is my dog)

    -- Graeme

  • @Graeme-Williams I don't know. However, if you have tried it and it didn't work, try escaping the single-quote

    Didi\'s Haven

  • I should add that neither 'wifisetup list' nor the setup web page that the access point exposes will detect the network, and I don't know how to escape the single quote for either 'wifisetup add' or manually editing /etc/config/wireless.

    The slightly odd thing is that I think in my original setup with the kickstarter build, I was able to connect and download the new build using the web page.

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