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  • Hi,
    I ordered some units (2+) and I am just disappointed. Let me sum up :
    A minimum is to manage interrupt to make things. It is boring to search during hours with many post omega or omega2. It is not useful. I do not count how many we say "oh it works for omega1 and not for omega 2" or "oh it is for omega 2 and not for omega1". The doc and google results are not relevant.
    About the interrupts at the end I prefer to say it is not clear so I let it for my project.
    Then I tried to make some scripts: bash nodes js or what you want. We find some pieces but not relevant too. Maybe the doc with humidity sensor DHT22 is good not from official but a thrid part!
    I tried to install nodejs and we discover to cross compile to have some interesting things.
    So the last way was to put nodered but....
    To conclude I go back to a little microcontroller to make interesting things or another platform.
    I do not speak about websocket (secure) or something like that it is too complicated to have a serious thing.
    I did a factory restore always flashing during hours so... in a few time I will create a best app for this module...
    A user

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