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When will you release new firmware fixing problem of SPI?

  • I sent 2 bytes, 0x7f 0x79, through SPI, using spi-tool in command line.
    spi-tool -b 1 -d 32766 write 0x7f 0x79
    I read values from spi bus using logic analyzer. The actual bytes sent are 0xff 0x79.
    I tried to analyse why and when this happen. I found if the first byte, normally register address, equal or larger than 0x40, then the most significant bit become 1.
    For example, 0x40 becomes 0xc0, 0x7f become 0xff.
    I asked for a long time, waiting fix for a long time.
    NO ANSWER, NO REPLY, seems there is no problem of SPI.
    This is a board for IoT, for many usages. How could you just leave this problem for such a long time?

  • Hi Max
    There is already a discussion going on regarding a severe SPI bug.
    Please see https://community.onion.io/topic/1560/spi-pins-for-the-omega2


  • I read that discussion months ago.
    The last message was 5 months ago.
    It's only 'issue need to be fixed', 'somebody has temporary testing fixing lib'...etc.
    There is no official fix or update from Onion.
    I don't think it's a solution for normal users.

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