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New cloud platform for Omega2

  • Hi guys!

    If you use Omega2 for some kind of monitor&control tasks, you may like the new service we made.
    It's a cloud control panel, you can use it for many tasks, for instance:

    • Send variable values and visualize them and their history on an online dashboard
    • Add a Switch widget to the dashboard and control a GPIO pin's logical state from the web
    • Configure alarms so that you get an email when a variable value goes out of the specified range


    We have examples right for Omega2, because I personally love this board, it's super cool and super cheap.

    The free account allows you to send 60 packets per minute, this is more than enough for any home automation tasks.

    Welcome to Cloud4RPi! All you need to have it running is Python 2 or Python 3 and pip to install our client library.

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