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Accessing internet through Cisco SDM

  • I am unable to link to the internet because there is a Router running an SDM program. I have the login and password to get through it, but since this doesn't have a browser, the SDM message never appears to allow it. Is there a command line entry we can type into the terminal to get through this roadblock?

  • ok managed to get in, via the cell phone method (connect the onion to the router, connect the cell phone to the onion, access the internet, allow the connection, login). It still would be nice if the cell phone didn't need to be involved.

  • I have not tried this, and don't know if it in the repo but try to install Lynx or elink, this is text based browser.

    If the Onion console was able to open a iframe to something like www.google.com this would then be redirected to the captive portal, I think.

  • @Flint-Olsen That's theoretically possible if we setup a headless browser on the Omega, and give you the option to enter the username/password through some kind of a commandline interface and sent through the headless browser. However, it's hard to predict the layout of the login screen, so it might not work every time.

  • @mark-titley Hmmm, I've never thought about a text-based browser. Would be interesting to test out. Not sure how many of those login websites would support text-based browsers though...

  • Well, this is just the stock SDM message for a Cisco router, so as long as they don't change it, the text setup will work every time.

  • Are you able to use curl to pass credentials??

    Curl is a commandline browser of sorts, used mainly for troubleshooting but is very very useful and might be used here?

    My Onion needs a firmware restore atm so I cant check but I'll assume you'll need to load the package as it wont be on by default

  • @Flint-Olsen, yeah, it will work every time for a given login setup. I meant that it would be very difficult to design an universal script that will be able to login to all the login screens out there.

    Yes, you should be able to send POST request via curl. You will need to go into the HTML file of the setup screen to see what kind of information is passed to the router via the POST request. Then all you will need to do is to simulate that request, and you should be able to log in.

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