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  • I am trying to config my Omega Onion 2 into a dumbap to use as a wifi ap in office environment. The office use an NTLM proxy and I must use the IP handle out by office instead of the one assigned by Omega's DHCP. (I know what I am doing and doing this for a reason.)

    To put in a sentence: I need Omega become dumbap.

    This issue was raised before but still no answer. I tried the settings on Openwrt wiki (https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/recipes/dumbap) but it doesn't work. Anyway to disable the DHCP on the wireless AP part of Omega 2?

    (I connect to my office network via wired ethernet and everything works fine. The only thing I need is to have computers connected to Omega to get an IP from office DHCP (10.82.yy.xx) , not from Omega 2 (192.168.3.xx)


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