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I2C Communication problem in Omega2+

  • I have a problem in I2C communication. my development machine is Omega2+. I compared with LPC1768 to solve problem. 0_1504528186822_LPC1768..JPG Fig.1 can operate normally as I2C. This device is LPC1768.
    but 0_1504528204808_Omega2+..JPG Fig.2 can not operate. This device is Omega2+. I got no Idea. I tried in C library and Python library. I'm still got same problem.
    I need your help.

  • Hi,

    Please try and use "bit-banged" I2C, you may find this post usefull:
    I2C Detect Slave Method

  • @JinGyu-Lee
    Fig.1: START - SLAVE ADDRESS 0x19 - WR - ACK --- DATA 0x01 - ACK - STOP
    Fig.2: START - SLAVE ADDRESS 0x33 - WR - NACK --- DATA 0x01 - NACK - STOP

    There are five conditions that lead to the generation of a NACK:

    1. No receiver is present on the bus with the transmitted address so there is no device to respond with an acknowledge.
    2. The receiver is unable to receive or transmit because it is performing some real-time function and is not ready to start communication with the master.
    3. ...

    /UM10204 I2C-bus specification and user manual Rev.6 by NXP/

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