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gphoto2 on a 2+

  • Hello,

    I'm struggling mightily to get gphoto2 to compile in a cross-compiler environment that I have. I'm not a good "make" user anyway and I'm struggling to get the cross compiler to stop using stuff from the host machine (latest is libltdl.so which it wants to pull from the host machine for some reason). Anyway, I saw before I bought my Omega that someone had gphoto2 compiled and there were packages so I thought that'd just be easy-peezy, but it turns out they must have been compiled for the older model because trying to install them w/opkg just gives me an architecture mismatch.

    I tried putting libgphoto2 in a zip after trimming it down a bit to be under 4MB and then using the cloud compiler, but it's stuck in "queued" so either my stuff is bad or the cloud compiler is broken.

    I'm normally not someone to bother a group, but if someone, anyone out there, happens to have gphoto2 compiled for an Omega2+ and can shove the packages somewhere downloadable, I'd buy the drinks if you're ever in my neck of the woods.


  • Reply to my own thread because it's all good.

    Being an apt-get and yum guy, I thought the "search" was actually searching repositories. Turns out I guess not, because I basically stumbled across http://downloads.lede-project.org/snapshots/packages/mipsel_24kc/ which has gobs of stuff, including gphoto2, the libraries, and camera drivers already to go. Installed, working, awesome.

    Hopefully this helps an experienced linux person but a total noob to embedded systems like me.

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