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room control from anywhere

  • hellow everyone I put an onion omega+ in my room and connect it to a raspberry pi that is functioning as a proxy server, I made a nice website for you can control the light of my room and a led, also there is a camera connected to the proxy server which opens the php page in the omega and the omega console to the Internet

    enter to the console and use the GPIO app. put the GPIO 0 and 1 as OUTPUT and control.the user and password is root, onioneer

    and control with php my light with this link
    if they want they can see the camera here and control the pins on the other link
    please be patient, it is a bit slow, also enter these links with a pc for a better experience

    0_1505741144434_omegafarm.png 0_1505741155015_omegafarm1.png 0_1505741848571_IMG_8561.jpg 0_1505741920170_IMG_8564.jpg

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