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GPIO Interrupts as Python-Modul?

  • I'm new here and find it very interesting what you can do with the omega 2, but I am slightly disappointed because there is no way to use interrupts in python. Maybe i only haven't found the right package in repository?

    In the forum i have found the Omega-GPIO-I2C-Arduino (gpio-irq) git but its written in C++ and you have to "Cross-Compile" it which I know a little from other IoT devices, but this have taken me day's to make it work.

    Is there no way to use interrupts on the omega (preferably in python) a more easy way. I don't want to spend day's in Cross-Compiling things. I don't have much knowledge about it.

    Without interrupts is the omega 2 useless for me.
    I hope someone can help me. thanks!

    I'm using: Onion Omega 2+ 0.1.10 b160 4.4.46

  • We're in the same boat.
    And I have other problems like i2c, support of the company, part of sales that neither answers.

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