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OAuth with Google

  • Hey everyone,

    Onion Omega 2+

    So I'm building a Python application on the onion which will read inputs and generate emails accordingly. This is meant to be a product we sell to users. I'd like for the Onion to OAuth with Google in order to grant access to use the users gmail account to send emails. I know I can use SMTP and prompt the user to enable less secure applications in their Google account settings but I really want to do this correctly and OAuth the application running on the Onion with Google.

    Current status of project:
    I have a Python script running on the Onion which implements Google's OAuth library for Python and it is working properly. However the conventional way for an application like this to work is for the Python script to build and OAuth request and then to pop open the web browser to google where the user would enter the username and password for the Google account they would like to authorize the application to work with.

    Onion does not have a web browser so I am not able to pop open a web interface where the user enter's their Google account credentials in order to grant the application access to use their Google account.

    Has anyone installed a web server on the Onion Omega 2+? I thought about Links, does anyone know if that would work or not?

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