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Some issues with omega2

  • Hi. I ran my omega2 and got some strange behaviors. Firstly, I could not set my WiFi in web wizard. When I choice my ssid and entered password my omega stucked in configure status, but in my serial log I see kernel panic. I tried several times. After that I decided to recover firmware from usb storage. I uploaded v0.10 to the storage, plugged to omega and restart it. Next I choice option 2(recover from usb). Everything was good. I connected to omega over ssh and set WiFi as wifisetup add ...
    After that my omega connected to Internet. Ping and wget are working. I decided to update omega using opkg update, but got fatal errors couldn’t resolve http://repo.onion.io/... I found some info that I need to change on https:// and info how to change. I did this suggestion but have the same issues

    I also tried different firmwares, the same issue.

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