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onionI2C Import Error

  • Hello,
    i want to control the relay expansion board with a self written python script. Therefore i followed this instructions:
    Consequently i installed the pyOnionI2C module and the "Omega Expansion" folder including the OnionI2C.so file are placed in the package path.
    But when i try to run a python script including this line:
    from OmegaExpansion import onionI2C
    I get the following error message:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "testi2c.py", line 1 in <module>
    from OmegaExpansion import onionI2C
    ImportError: Error relocating /usr/lib/python2.7/OmegaExpansion/onionI2C.so: i2c_writeBufferRaw: symbol not found

    The firmware is up to date and I am using the omega 2.
    Can anybody help me to handle this error or what modules do you use to communicate with I2C devicese?

    Thank you,

  • Check if you have both libonioni2c and pyOnionI2C installed in same version:

    $ opkg list-installed| grep -i onioni2c
    libonioni2c - 0.5-1
    pyOnionI2C - 0.5-1

    Probably you have incompatible version of libonioni2c. Upgrade it.

  • Genius!
    Thats it. Now it works.
    Great, thank you very much.
    I can´t imagine how I should find this little but important difference.
    Hope it will help other people with the same problem.

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